Dear Fast Food Restaraunts

Recently I’ve decided to go pescatarian. I’m doing okay, I’ve eaten meat a couple of times (my dad made lamb on Easter. It was delicious.) The only reason I’m not fully a vegetarian is because I really love sushi, and I don’t think I could give it up.

I am a full time college student, and I work part time in retail. That’s 15 class hours and 20 work hours-on top of homework and clubs.

Often, I don’t have time to cook. When I do, I usually make some bastardization of bibimbap or just fry up some tofu and some veggies. My main source of food, unfortunately, is fast food.

I’ve been trying to quit, and maybe once I graduate, I’ll be better about it. Or maybe once I move into an apartment that isn’t a five minute walk to fifteen different fast food places.

However, my change in diet has made it slightly more difficult. I can’t eat, really, at McDonald’s anymore. Forget about Cookout. Subway’s tuna looks gross and their veggie option is just hot bread, veggies, and cheese. Panda Express has a shrimp option, but it costs more. Chick-fil-a has zero options.

I think I’ll always eat Five Guys, even if I was vegan.

This is a love letter to Taco Bell. To Chipotle. To Burger King.

Taco Bell makes up a good 80% of my meals. The spicy potato taco and cheesy bean and rice burrito (both are $1, so it makes my broke college kid heart happy) are the best.

I ate Chipotle four to five times a week for a  year when I worked there. I mean I got it half off or free-why wouldn’t I? For a while, I stopped going there. I was sick of it and I didn’t want to run into any old coworkers. But I keep coming back for that sweet, sweet sofritas. However, since I kinda know the behind the scenes (and since they’re open about it), the chicken (and I believe the steak, though they changed it and it’s not as good) at Chipotle are within my ethics.

Burger King, your veggie burgers are the best. Don’t ever change.

And a final note to Dunkin Donuts. I went there today cause I was hungry and it was on my way to class. I wasn’t feeling donuts, but I noticed they had a veggie egg white flatbread. It was delicious and not as greasy as their other sandwich options. While it’s still not super healthy, it’s healthier than some of the other options.

Having said all of this, my favorite vegetarian dish at any chain restaurant is Noodles and Company’s penne rosa with tofu. Their tofu is so good guys, they do it better than a lot of places. If you’re not a meat eater or just like tofu, try it out.




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