Dear Mr President

I am 100% scared of you and what you’re going to do to my country.

2016 was the first presidential election I could vote in. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. Unsurprisingly, I voted for Hillary Clinton in November. When I saw that you won, I cried until four in the morning. My boyfriend had to hold me for hours because I was so upset. 

In no good conscience could I vote for you. You and your cabinet are against everything I am and I believe in. 

You have been office for less than a month and you’re already turning this nation into a shit show. You are stripping the United States of America of what made it so unique. 

I feel like I’m in the beginning of a young adult dystopian novel.

It’s scary to see a dark moment of history unfolding in front of me. I hate it. It has to be a dream.

Some days I’m sick. Some days I cry. Some days I’m angrier than I’ve ever been. 

I’m stuck in between feeling like I’m not doing enough and feeling like it’s all too much.

I do want to thank you. You showed me I was wrong about feminism. That it is needed in the United States. You changed my mind from being anti-feminism to being so unapologetically feminist so fast that my head is spinning. Specifically it was when you said you could “grab her by the pussy”. You gave me a reason to be an activist. To stop being apathetic.

This isn’t just about me as a white woman though. This is about people of color, the LGBT community, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, the disabled, the poor, the sick, the artists, the scientists, every group you will adversely affect.

I will spend your presidency resisting in every way laid out for me by the constitution. I will vote. I will peacefully assemble for protest. I will speak my mind freely without fear the government will silence me. Don’t forget that the First Amendment exists.

I hope you’re impeached soon,



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